Clients Jose and Maria Cuellar came to the United States on visas and found Youngblood and Associates through a friend.  After a thorough and free initial consultation of their specific situation, we discovered they were eligible for work authorization because they have a child over the age of 21 who is a US citizen.  Additionally, we are assisting them with adjusting their status as part of their unique case.  Jose said of working with our firm, “We understand it is a process and it can take time, but we are confident and have seen the firm’s successes first hand.”

When asked what they would say to anyone scared of coming in for the first time, they shared, “There’s no reason not to see what your options are.  Legal status changes lives.  You can be free and go back to your home country to visit friends and family without worry.”

IMG_6590.JPG If you have a citizen child over the age of 21 or have been putting off getting an assessment of your case, contact us today for a free initial consultation.  Many of our clients have been turned down by other attorneys or told they don’t have a case.  We will fight for you.

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