Client: Luis Cordova

Service: Adjustment of Status

Q: How did you hear about Youngblood and Associates?

“I live in McMinnville and just passed by the sign while I was walking.”

Q: What did the process look like from your end as a client, from the beginning until the end?

“I originally came over on a humanitarian visa because in 2001 when my son was 12 years old, he had fallen through a fence and was borderline near death as a result.  A metal rod went all the way thorugh his body and intestine.  My wife was over here with him while I was in Mexico.  The hospital sent a letter to immigration allowing me to come over to be with him.  After fifteen years, I had a notario starting to help me with paperwork, but thankfully I came to talk to Youngblood and Associates before I let him write the waiver for me.*  Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have gotten legal if I had used the notario because he couldn’t understand the law and options in the same way as Kara.  From the very first visit with Kara I felt comfortable that my case would be well handled.  The whole process took about 8 months.  Kara was able to get all my paperwork from immigration for me.” *(Upon significant investigation, our office determined he was eligible for a waiver, which would have cost more and taken three times as long, but also an adjustment of status if we were able to find a copy of his visa from 15 years prior, through Immigration.  We were able to find a copy, saving him thousands in legal fees and years of time to become legal.)

Q: How has becoming legal changed your lives?

“It’s a change for the good.  I feel free.  I’m not hiding.  I have a better job now.  And I am able to travel to Mexico to see my friends and family without restriction.  And thankfully, my son recovered.”

Q: What would you say to anyone scared about coming to our office for the first time, or scared about not knowing what the process looks like?

“I hear a lot of people talk about their bad stories with other lawyers.  I always tell people that Youngblood and Associates is trustworthy.  I send lots of people here and I always tell them that they will answer all of their questions and be honest.  I tell people not to be scared and that they will hear and understand all of their options and be clear whether they have a case.  I know of attorneys in Texas that ask for money upfront and don’t do anything.  (Our firm provides a free initial consultation.)  I’m very thankful for their help.”

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