Fernando Cisneros

Service: K1 Visa (Fiancé Visa)

Q: How did you and your wife meet?

“We are both from the same town in Mexico.  We have known each other for about 4 years now.  She was working at a grocery store by my mom’s house.  We were both divorced and my mom introduced us.  I have lived in Tennessee since 2001 and I visit my mom regularly. ”

Q: How did you hear of Youngblood and Associates?

“A friend told me about Youngblood and Associates.  Then another friend asked me if I would sponsor him for his case.”

Q: Describe the process in your own words from the first consultation until obtaining the visa?

“From the beginning until now staff has treated me personally and like family.  Staff even came to our wedding and I just feel very comfortable referring everyone here.  The whole process took about 7 months.”

Q: How has the K1 Visa changed your lives?

“Being legal means everything to us.  Now we have a family and a real life.  I was so lonely before and now I have everything I want.  My wife wanted a family too and her life has been entirely changed.  She gets to stay at home; I work in construction.  It was hard for her to come here without family and friends but she is learning English.”

Q: What would you tell someone considering hiring Youngblood and Associates?

“I would say not to be afraid not to be afraid of anything.  I have seen friends who have lawyers from Nashville and you can tell it’s all just a business for them.  They’re not part of the community, they’re just getting a check.  I would also say that I am happy to provide a reference for the firm to a new client.  I have worked with other lawyers and their fees are very, very fair.  My son-in-law spent a fortune to get a Green Card.”

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