Client: Veronica Vasquez

Service: Adjustment of Status

Q: How did you hear about Youngblood and Associates?

“A friend of my husband referred us.  We went to a very well-known attorney in Nashville – one who is all over the radio and billboards – and he told us he couldn’t help us.  He basically turned us away and told us to continue living in the shadows until “laws changed” because the current law wouldn’t allow us to become legal.  He didn’t explain what that meant or what laws he was referring to.  Two weeks later, we came here and I became a legal permanent resident in six months.  And now I am able to sponsor my husband who is currently in the process of becoming legal with Youngblood and Associates, too.”

Q: What did the process look like from your end as a client, from the beginning until the end?

“I tell people about my experience becoming legal and with this firm all the time.  From the second I walked in until I became legal, everything was smooth and easy and fast.  I was nervous about having to go to Memphis for an interview, but as it turns out I didn’t even have to do that.”

Q: How has becoming legal changed your lives?

“It has changed everything.  Family is everything to me and my husband.  My family still lives in Mexico, and I wasn’t able to visit them.  Now I am free.  I’m free.  I can see my family when I want.  I don’t look over my shoulder.  I can show my ID and not be afraid of the police.  And my husband has seen my experience firsthand and isn’t scared anymore.  He’s optimistic and motivated.  We know that we can continue to be good people in this country and do well for this country without fear.”

Q: What would you say to anyone scared about coming to our office for the first time, or scared about not knowing what the process looks like?

“I emphasize that every case is different.  I tell people my story and that it is important to get real legal advice from good lawyers like at Youngblood and Associates, and that you can’t understand your rights without a good lawyer looking at the facts of your specific case.  You can’t trust taking legal advice from other people, or friends or even some lawyers.  If I had listened to the first lawyer when he told me there was nothing I could do, I wouldn’t be here today.  You need to be your own best advocate and keep going and don’t be scared.”

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