If you are the immediate family of a U.S. armed forces member, veteran, or enlistee, you may be granted parole in place to remain lawfully present in the U.S. with your family member. Parole in place is granted in 1-year increments. It enables recipients to work and obtain a driver’s license and may even enable you to qualify for adjustment of your status to a legal permanent resident, also known as a green card.

You may be eligible for parole in place if you are the spouse, son or daughter, parent, or widow(er) of either:

  • An active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces;
  • An individual of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve; or
  • An individual (still living or deceased) who formerly served in the armed forces of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve and was not dishonorably discharged

Youngblood & Associates can help to determine if you are eligible to request parole in place, then assist and represent you throughout the process of applying.

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