U.S. employers can hire foreign workers for temporary or seasonal agricultural work through the H-2A program. Employers are required to file a petition for nonimmigrant worker (I-129) on behalf of each prospective employee.

Youngblood & Associates works to secure H-2A visas exclusively for the nursery, greenhouse, and hemp industries. Our commitment to these industries and our firm founder’s in-depth knowledge of both the nursery and hemp business means that we provide superior representation and support throughout the season.

Youngblood & Associates will:

  • Provide a one-on-one legal consultation to determine your labor needs
  • Work to secure visas for your requested foreign workers or recruit a workforce for you
  • Be available to answer questions from your HR and payroll staff on requirements of the H-2A program
  • Counsel your business in housing requirements for your employees
  • Provide audit support

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