Work authorization for those with children over age 21!

Clients Jose and Maria Cuellar came to the United States on visas and found Youngblood and Associates through a friend.  After a thorough and free initial consultation of their specific situation, we discovered they were eligible for work authorization because they have a child over the age of 21 who is a US citizen.  Additionally, we are assisting them with adjusting their status as part of their unique case.  Jose said of working with our firm, “We understand it is a process and it can take time, but we are confident and have seen the firm’s successes first hand.”

When asked what they would say to anyone scared of coming in for the first time, they shared, “There’s no reason not to see what your options are.  Legal status changes lives.  You can be free and go back to your home country to visit friends and family without worry.”

IMG_6590.JPG If you have a citizen child over the age of 21 or have been putting off getting an assessment of your case, contact us today for a free initial consultation.  Many of our clients have been turned down by other attorneys or told they don’t have a case.  We will fight for you.

Emergency Preparation Plan: New Service!



Emergency Preparation Plan (EPP) Service

If you or someone you know is undocumented, you can set up a FREE initial consultation with the attorneys and staff at Youngblood and Associates to assess your unique options for becoming legal or obtaining a work authorization.  Many of our clients have been turned down by other attorneys, misrepresented by notarios or other attorneys, or told they don’t have a case.  During this initial consultation, bring any and all materials you have relating to an existing or past case, if any.

If it is determined that traditional immigration relief is not available to you, we are offering a unique Emergency Preparation Plan (EPP) service in response to a new anti-immigrant TN law, HB 2315, which will require local law enforcement agencies and government workers to question the immigration status of anyone without cause, and potentially detain and begin deportation proceedings against them.  We believe this law to be unconstitutional and that it will eventually be struck down in court.  In the meantime, it is critical that you protect yourself, your children and your finances in the event you are detained under this law.  At your initial meeting, an attorney will explain all of the rights and options available to you prior to being detained, and after, if you are detained.  We will customize a family plan for you including creating a power of attorney which will allow you to designate a trusted adult in your absence to take custody of your children and handle all of your financial and personal affairs until we are able to get you released on bond.  We will discuss the affordable, flat fee for such services depending on the specifics of your case at the initial meeting.  At this meeting, you will be given a detailed checklist of documents to gather and submit to our office to keep on file on your behalf in the event needed.

First, we will conduct an analysis to determine if you are currently eligible for a legal permanent residency filing – In fact, 50% of new clients are eligible for green cards without having realized it.  If not and without advanced preparation, a bond hearing can take up to several months to be scheduled, leaving you detained for far longer than necessary while your friends or family scramble to find a competent attorney and gather all of the extensive documentation required to represent you.  This plan ensures that all of the preparation and document retention is done in advance, so YOU are in control of the process, are represented by the attorney of your choosing, that you will have a case determination significantly faster than usual, and that you can rest assured knowing that your friends and family are following a plan you have designated for them on your behalf.

The EPP service includes the following:

  1. Access to a quarterly newsletter in which we describe and inform you of any legal developments of the new law HB 2315, as well as any state or federal legal developments which may affect you or your family.
  2. An extensive personal immigration background check, including FBI fingerprinting and more, which takes 12 weeks to complete and will be required if you are detained in the future. Thus, beginning the process ahead of time so we can keep your results on file will expedite the process considerably if you are detained, getting you out of custody sooner.
  3. Free initial consultation with an attorney to give you a legal analysis specific to your case pre and post detention.
  4. Creation of a personalized emergency plan, designating key individuals to act in your absence that will be used in the event of an ICE detainer.
  5. Immediate on-call access to an attorney in the event you are detained, including maintenance of all of your information and background check information already to go on file in our office.
  6. Power-of-Attorney, which is a legal document designating how your affairs and child custody issues will be handled if you are detained, so you have peace of mind.
  7. Guarantee that once notified of your being detained, that an immigration attorney will immediately contact local/state/federal law enforcement on your behalf advocating for your immediate release on bond.
  8. 25% discount on future bond hearing legal fees, including detailed instructions on how your designated contact posts bond on your behalf.
  9. 25% discount on future removal defense legal fees.
  10. 25% discount on future work authorization legal fees, if applicable.
  11. Including maintenance of your complete file and records for a period of up to two years in our office.

The current threats to undocumented workers in this state is increasing dramatically under the current presidential administration, and Tennessee legislation is threatening the rights and well-being of all residents, legal or not.  The single most important action you can take to protect yourself and your family in the event of immigration detention is to protect yourself in advance, to minimize any time spent in detention, and to maximize your likelihood of securing a positive legal outcome in the case you are detained.  Contact our office today at (931)274-7811 to set up your free initial consultation.  Spread the word.  When you call, reference that you are interested in a first consult for an “EPP” plan.


Servicio de Plan de Preparación de Emergencias

Si usted o alguien que conoce se encuentran sin estatus legal en los Estados Unidos, puede agendar su consulta inicial completamente GRATIS con la abogada y su personal en Youngblood and Associates para evaluar sus opciones para legalizarse u obtener una autorización de trabajo. Frecuentemente nos encontramos con clientes que han sido rechazados por otros abogados de inmigración, quienes les han dicho que no tienen caso o clientes que no han sido bien representados. Durante su consulta inicial es recomendable traer cualquier documento que esté relacionado con algún caso existente o pasado.

Si se determina que usted no califica para algún alivio de inmigración, estamos ofreciendo un plan de preparación de emergencia personalizado en defensa a la nueva ley anti-inmigratoria, HB 2315. Esta nueva ley les requiere a las autoridades locales y trabajadores del gobierno cuestionar sobre el estatus legal de cualquier persona sin causa alguna. Esto podría causar su detencion y comenzar los trámites para una posible deportación. Nosotros consideramos esta ley inconstitucional y eventualmente ser derrotada en los tribunales. Por lo mientras es importante empezar a proteger a usted mismo, sus hijos, y sus finanzas en caso de que sea detenido bajo esta ley. En su consulta inicial la abogada le explicara todos sus derechos y opciones disponibles antes de ser detenido, y después, en caso de ser detenido. Nosotros le personalizaríamos un plan familiar cual incluiría una carta poder. En esta carta usted designa una persona adulta y confiable que tome custodia de sus hijos, maneje todas sus financias, y asuntos personales hasta que podamos obtener su liberación bajo fianza. Discutiremos la accesible tarifa por dichos servicios dependiendo de los detalles de su caso. En la primer consulta también se le dará una lista detallada de los documentos que necesitaría reunir y traer a nuestra oficina para tenerlos en archivo a su nombre en caso de que sea necesario.

Sin preparación una audiencia de fianza podría tardar varios meses para ser programada, dejándolo detenido por mucho más tiempo de lo necesario mientras su familia y amigos tratan de encontrar un abogado competente y reunir todos los documentos requeridos para representarlo. Este plan garantiza que toda la preparación y documentación se realice con anticipación, para que usted tenga el control del proceso, este representado por el abogado de su elección, tenga una determinación sobre su caso más rápido de lo usual, y descansar sabiendo que su familia y amigos están siguiendo el plan que usted designo para que ellos siguieran.

El Servicio de Plan de Preparación de Emergencias incluye lo siguiente:
1. Acceso a un boletín trimestral en el cual le describe e informa sobre cualquier desarrollo legal de la nueva ley HB 2315, así como cualquier desarrollo legal estatal o federal.
2. Una extensa verificación de antecedentes penales de inmigración, incluyendo huellas para el FBI y más, lo cual toma un aproximado de 12 semanas para completarse, y será requerido si usted es detenido en el futuro. Por lo tanto, comenzar el proceso antes de tiempo para que podamos mantener sus resultados archivados acelerara el proceso considerablemente si usted es detenido, lo que lo pondría fuera de custodia lo antes posible.
3. Una consulta inicial gratuita con la abogada para brindarle un análisis legal especifico de su caso antes y después de detención.
4. Creación de un plan de emergencia personalizado, designando a personas de confianza para actuar en su ausencia que se utilizaran en el caso de una detención por parte de ICE.
5. Acceso inmediato a un abogado en caso de que este detenido, incluyendo el mantenimiento de toda su información y la información de verificación de antecedentes penales ya archivada en nuestra oficina.
6. Carta poder, es un documento legal que indica cómo se manejaran sus asuntos personales y asuntos de custodia de sus hijos menores si usted es detenido, así usted permanece tranquilo.
7. Garantía que una vez notificados de su detención, un abogado de inmigración se contactara de inmediato con las autoridades locales/estatales/federales de parte de usted para solicitar su liberación inmediata bajo fianza.
8. 25% de descuento en costos legales por audiencias futuras de fianzas, incluyendo instrucciones detalladas sobre como su persona designada debe dar el pago.
9. 25% de descuento en futuros costos legales de defensa de deportación.
10. 25% de descuento en futuros costos legales de autorización de trabajo, si corresponde.
11. Incluyendo en mantenimiento de su archivo completo y registros por un periodo de hasta dos años en nuestra oficina.

Las amenazas actuales a los trabajadores indocumentados en este estado están aumentando dramáticamente bajo la actual administración presidencial, y la legislación de Tennessee está amenazando los derechos y el bienestar de todos los residentes, legales o no. La acción mas importante que puede tomar para protegerse a usted y su familia en caso de detención migratoria es protegerse por adelantado, minimizar el tiempo que pasa en detención, y maximizar la probabilidad de obtener un resultado legal positivo en caso de que este detenido. Póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina al (931) 274-7811 para agendar su consulta inicial gratuita. Cuando llame, pregunte por el Plan de Preparación de Emergencias.

Youngblood and Associates is trustworthy…

Client: Luis Cordova

Service: Adjustment of Status

Q: How did you hear about Youngblood and Associates?

“I live in McMinnville and just passed by the sign while I was walking.”

Q: What did the process look like from your end as a client, from the beginning until the end?

“I originally came over on a humanitarian visa because in 2001 when my son was 12 years old, he had fallen through a fence and was borderline near death as a result.  A metal rod went all the way thorugh his body and intestine.  My wife was over here with him while I was in Mexico.  The hospital sent a letter to immigration allowing me to come over to be with him.  After fifteen years, I had a notario starting to help me with paperwork, but thankfully I came to talk to Youngblood and Associates before I let him write the waiver for me.*  Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have gotten legal if I had used the notario because he couldn’t understand the law and options in the same way as Kara.  From the very first visit with Kara I felt comfortable that my case would be well handled.  The whole process took about 8 months.  Kara was able to get all my paperwork from immigration for me.” *(Upon significant investigation, our office determined he was eligible for a waiver, which would have cost more and taken three times as long, but also an adjustment of status if we were able to find a copy of his visa from 15 years prior, through Immigration.  We were able to find a copy, saving him thousands in legal fees and years of time to become legal.)

Q: How has becoming legal changed your lives?

“It’s a change for the good.  I feel free.  I’m not hiding.  I have a better job now.  And I am able to travel to Mexico to see my friends and family without restriction.  And thankfully, my son recovered.”

Q: What would you say to anyone scared about coming to our office for the first time, or scared about not knowing what the process looks like?

“I hear a lot of people talk about their bad stories with other lawyers.  I always tell people that Youngblood and Associates is trustworthy.  I send lots of people here and I always tell them that they will answer all of their questions and be honest.  I tell people not to be scared and that they will hear and understand all of their options and be clear whether they have a case.  I know of attorneys in Texas that ask for money upfront and don’t do anything.  (Our firm provides a free initial consultation.)  I’m very thankful for their help.”

What our clients are saying…

Fernando Cisneros

Service: K1 Visa (Fiancé Visa)

Q: How did you and your wife meet?

“We are both from the same town in Mexico.  We have known each other for about 4 years now.  She was working at a grocery store by my mom’s house.  We were both divorced and my mom introduced us.  I have lived in Tennessee since 2001 and I visit my mom regularly. ”

Q: How did you hear of Youngblood and Associates?

“A friend told me about Youngblood and Associates.  Then another friend asked me if I would sponsor him for his case.”

Q: Describe the process in your own words from the first consultation until obtaining the visa?

“From the beginning until now staff has treated me personally and like family.  Staff even came to our wedding and I just feel very comfortable referring everyone here.  The whole process took about 7 months.”

Q: How has the K1 Visa changed your lives?

“Being legal means everything to us.  Now we have a family and a real life.  I was so lonely before and now I have everything I want.  My wife wanted a family too and her life has been entirely changed.  She gets to stay at home; I work in construction.  It was hard for her to come here without family and friends but she is learning English.”

Q: What would you tell someone considering hiring Youngblood and Associates?

“I would say not to be afraid not to be afraid of anything.  I have seen friends who have lawyers from Nashville and you can tell it’s all just a business for them.  They’re not part of the community, they’re just getting a check.  I would also say that I am happy to provide a reference for the firm to a new client.  I have worked with other lawyers and their fees are very, very fair.  My son-in-law spent a fortune to get a Green Card.”

Hear it from our clients…

Client: Veronica Vasquez

Service: Adjustment of Status

Q: How did you hear about Youngblood and Associates?

“A friend of my husband referred us.  We went to a very well-known attorney in Nashville – one who is all over the radio and billboards – and he told us he couldn’t help us.  He basically turned us away and told us to continue living in the shadows until “laws changed” because the current law wouldn’t allow us to become legal.  He didn’t explain what that meant or what laws he was referring to.  Two weeks later, we came here and I became a legal permanent resident in six months.  And now I am able to sponsor my husband who is currently in the process of becoming legal with Youngblood and Associates, too.”

Q: What did the process look like from your end as a client, from the beginning until the end?

“I tell people about my experience becoming legal and with this firm all the time.  From the second I walked in until I became legal, everything was smooth and easy and fast.  I was nervous about having to go to Memphis for an interview, but as it turns out I didn’t even have to do that.”

Q: How has becoming legal changed your lives?

“It has changed everything.  Family is everything to me and my husband.  My family still lives in Mexico, and I wasn’t able to visit them.  Now I am free.  I’m free.  I can see my family when I want.  I don’t look over my shoulder.  I can show my ID and not be afraid of the police.  And my husband has seen my experience firsthand and isn’t scared anymore.  He’s optimistic and motivated.  We know that we can continue to be good people in this country and do well for this country without fear.”

Q: What would you say to anyone scared about coming to our office for the first time, or scared about not knowing what the process looks like?

“I emphasize that every case is different.  I tell people my story and that it is important to get real legal advice from good lawyers like at Youngblood and Associates, and that you can’t understand your rights without a good lawyer looking at the facts of your specific case.  You can’t trust taking legal advice from other people, or friends or even some lawyers.  If I had listened to the first lawyer when he told me there was nothing I could do, I wouldn’t be here today.  You need to be your own best advocate and keep going and don’t be scared.”