Client: ASPM Landscapes
Service: H-2B



ASPM is a professional landscaping business offering landscape design and installation, including both gardening and hardscaping. ASPM was founded in 2008 by Matt and Robin Wilke and is based in Norfolk, Nebraska.

ASPM was doing well, but as the business continued to grow, the owners struggled to find consistent, experienced, hard workers. They heard about the H-2B program from other landscape companies and contacted Youngblood & Associates to try out the program themselves.


Legal Strategy

Youngblood & Associates met with ASPM to determine their labor need and eligibility and assisted them in filing an H-2B application. Youngblood & Associates ensures that ASPM meets all H-2B filing deadlines and keeps the business updated on any changes in the program or their status, travel information for their workers, and more. The firm successfully coordinates ASPM’s involvement in the H-2B program, keeping the business on track with timelines and regulations throughout the season.

ASPM Team photo


Youngblood & Associates has now worked with ASPM to participate in the H-2B program for two seasons. In the first season of working with ASPM, Youngblood & Associates helped the business receive three legal, foreign workers. They currently have five workers for the full season, and they are looking to increase that number next year.

Since participating in the H-2B program and having more workers, ASPM is able to have separate crews going to separate jobs. The business is now successfully and efficiently getting more work done, with the help of Youngblood & Associates and the H-2B program.

To employers who are considering pursuing the H-2B program, the Wilkes’ say, “If you have the need for consistent and experienced workers, the investment in the H-2B program is absolutely worth it. Your business will experience success and growth with the additional workers, and you won’t have to worry about immigration issues if you work with someone like Youngblood & Associates to ensure you are in compliance with the program requirements.”