Client: Luis Cordova
Service: Adjustment of Status

In 2016, Youngblood and Associates successfully represented Luis Cordova in an adjustment of status case. The legal team found a copy of Luis’ 15-year-old humanitarian parole document and avoided the longer and more expensive route of filing a waiver for his illegal presence. Cordova achieved legal status and received his Green Card only eight months after the process began.


Luis Cordova came to the United States in 2001 through humanitarian parole. At the time, he was living in Mexico while his wife and son were living in the U.S. His son, at 12 years old, fell into a fence and a metal rod went through his body and intestines, nearly killing him. The hospital sent a letter to immigration and Luis was allowed to come to the U.S. to be with his son.

Luis’ son recovered, but Luis stayed in the United States for 15 years, overstaying his authorized stay and creating an illegal presence inadmissibility. In 2016, he sought out the legal help of a notario before coming to Youngblood and Associates for a free consultation regarding assistance in filing a waiver.

Legal Strategy

The team at Youngblood and Associates spent time getting to know Luis and thoroughly investigated his case. We determined that he was eligible for a waiver, as he had hoped, but also determined that he would be eligible for an adjustment of status if a copy of his parole document from 15 years prior could be found. Adjustment of status would be a more cost-effective and efficient method of seeking legal status than filing a waiver because Luis wouldn’t have to leave the U.S. and risk the possibility of not being allowed back into the country (due to his trigger of the 10-year bar after crossing out of the U.S.). The team tracked down a copy of Luis’ old parole document through Immigration and was able to help Luis file for adjustment of status.

Luis Cordova


At the end of an eight-month process, Luis received his Green Card. The work and creativity of Youngblood and Associates saved him thousands of dollars in legal fees and years of time he would have spent waiting to become a legal resident through the waiver process and consular processing.

Luis said, “Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have become legal if I had used the notario because he couldn’t understand the law and options in the same way as Kara. From the very first visit with Kara I felt comfortable that my case would be well-handled.”

When asked how becoming legal has changed Luis’ life, he responded: “It’s a change for the good. I feel free. I’m not hiding. I have a better job now. And I am able to travel to Mexico to see my friends and family without restriction.”

Luis also had some words for people who may be afraid to come to the Youngblood and Associates office or nervous about how the process works. “I hear a lot of people talk about their bad stories with other lawyers. I always tell people that Youngblood and Associates is trustworthy.  I send lots of people here and I always tell them that they will answer all of their questions and be honest.  I tell people not to be scared and that they will hear and understand all of their options and be clear whether they have a case. I’m very thankful for their help.”