Youngblood & Associates is a uniquely structured immigration law firm, as its staff is as experienced in business agriculture as it is in immigration and labor law.

We serve as long-term legal partners for employers seeking foreign labor, as well as for individuals and families seeking a path to legal status. When we work with you, we help you build your future. We customize our approach to your specific business and personal needs and adapt our legal strategy as you grow your business or move forward.

For Individuals

We understand that every immigration case is unique. Our immigration lawyer and legal team have the experience and knowledge required to seek creative solutions and a path to legal status for each individual client.

For Families

Navigating the process of immigration for your family members is complicated, but we work hard to find creative solutions tailored to each situation we’re presented with.

For Businesses

We know that finding the best employees for your business can be difficult and sometimes you have to widen your search to include candidates who are not U.S. citizens.